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Corporate Fact Sheet

Key Facts:

  • Founded in 1998
  • Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Privately held and funded

Offering: Delivers industry-leading web-based collaborative project management software platform for corporate owners, contractors, architects and developers.

Positioning: For project teams everywhere who must work as one, USGN transforms isolated islands of project data into a single, digital universe, fueled by team intelligence and based on company best practices for unsurpassed communications, collaboration, productivity and return on investment.

Vision: To change the world - one project at a time - as the global leader and partner of choice in delivering truly collaborative/customizable project management software for the most efficient, effective project management system for all markets.

Mission: To deliver the world's first and most powerful and customizable collaborative project management platform solution for retail construction and watch it change the way business works.

Platform Benefits:

  • World's first robust thin-client Application Development Platform
  • Revolutionizes the way teams work together to deliver results
  • Optimized for today's business teams who need to work together in collaborative workgroups both across the hall and across the world
  • Portfolio of built-in software applications and a powerful development platform
  • Addresses the three most important challenges facing project teams today: Extended space/time, Advanced flexibility, Enhanced accountability

Customers: Earned dozens of loyal blue-chip customers over 11,000 users and 8,000 projects in the USGN US online application development and project management community.


  • Douglas Sperr, Founder, President and CEO
  • Ray Loen, Board of Directors
  • Mary Gibson, CFO
  • Scott Wessels, CTO

Contact: (800) 379-5732

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