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Dozens of blue-chip customers have walked away from the limitations of off-the-shelf software and signed up for USGN's web-based project management platform to help them.

USGN customers include:

Corporate Owners
Corporate Owners, especially in retail, comprise the largest segment of the USGN customer base. From construction project management to end-to-end store lifecycle management, USGN has built a solid base of customers from some of America's largest retailers.

General Contractors
General contractors utilize the USGN platform to enhance their ability to support their clients. Virtually every process, no matter how granular, can be easily modeled within the USGN system. General contractors can find subcontractors, coordinate work, track deliverables and create value for the client though USGN's pre-built and custom processes.

Architects and Engineers
Today, architects and engineers are creating greater perceived value by serving their clients as end-to-end managers. Architect and engineers often leverage the USGN platform to create and build value for their clients through custom applications and processes that capitalize on the professional knowledgebase. USGN costs less than other competitive solutions and is more flexible. As a result, professional architects and engineers can tap into their skills as they develop their own systems that dovetail with their clients. Drawing management is easy and historical views and version control is only a few clicks away.

Sub Contractors
For subcontractors everywhere, USGN enables you to subscribe to projects that are ready to bid, giving you quick and easy access to project data. Post your bid seamlessly online - no phone calls necessary.

Project Managers
Project managers use USGN to manage complex projects for business owners in a way never before possible. Many pre-built applications support the project management process and, of course, custom systems can be developed to create more value and differentiation.

Vendors and OEMs can leverage USGN's advanced Application Development Platform and SXI to build applications that integrate with the entire system through the customer's USGN website.

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